Why is the merger happening?
Once completed, the merger of The Mustard Seed School and The Hudson School will create the only Pre-K to Grade 12 Independent School in Hudson County. Mustard Seed School students will have an opportunity to continue their education at a school with a similar academic philosophy. The combined school will have a strengthened presence in the community and more space to bring stronger programming and physical resources to the classroom.

When does the merger take place?
In September 2024 the newly merged school will begin. Mustard Seed School will continue full operations for the 2023-2024 school year.

So, why announce so early?
Announcing at the beginning of the admissions season allows families the most amount of time to evaluate the many new opportunities the expanded Hudson School will offer. The fall is when families decide on where to send their children for Lower, Middle, and High School.

What will be the name of the new school?
The school will be known as The Hudson School.

Why is the name of the new school The Hudson School and not the Mustard Seed School?
The Hudson School is the larger of the two schools (twice as large) and draws Middle and High School students from across northern New Jersey and New York City. In addition, The Hudson School is well known to the college admission offices of some top schools in the nation.

Will the new The Hudson School be a secular school?
Since its founding in 1978, The Hudson School has been secular and will remain so. Its motto has always been Courage, Compassion, and Commitment. We believe there is a significant overlap between the core tenets of religious
morality, such as forgiveness, empathy, and love for one’s neighbor, and THS’ focus on the values of Courage, Compassion, and Commitment. The Hudson School will continue to teach strong ethical character development at every level of the school and throughout the curricula. From traditions to artwork to scholarships, work is being done to ensure vital aspects of the Mustard Seed
School are incorporated into the new Hudson School.

What will the ‘new’ Lower School at The Hudson School look like?
Our vision is that The Hudson School’s Lower School will look similar to the current Reggio-inspired, project-based programming that is currently offered at Mustard Seed School.

Will my child have to reapply for this new school?
As per present policy at Mustard Seed School and The Hudson School, students currently enrolled at either school must continue to maintain good academic and social standing. This policy will continue. In addition, there will be a simplified process to confirm a Mustard Seed family’s interest in continued enrollment at the new Hudson School.

Where will this new school be located?
The Hudson School will continue to utilize Hoboken as its campus, with most Upper School classes remaining at the 601 Park Avenue location and most Middle and Lower School classes taking place at 422 Willow Avenue. Church Square Park will remain a vital part of our overall campus experience as well.

Will the teachers be the same?
From school year to school year, all schools experience staff turnover. The Head of School optimizes for resources, structure, and efficiency to build the best team and student experience possible. We expect this to continue to be the case between this academic year and next.

What will the new Middle School look like?
Academically, the new Middle School will use the current Hudson School Middle School curriculum. In addition, we will be working to bring best practices and traditions established at Mustard Seed to enhance the Hudson Middle School experience.

What about Financial Aid?
Historically both schools have worked to ensure that financial hardship is never a barrier in a student’s enrollment. The Hudson School has always provided need-blind admissions and intends to continue this practice at all levels.


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What Our Parents Say

At Mustard Seed School I have witnessed my son flourish. He has transitioned from a distracted and disorganized student to a lover of education and the community. We attribute our son’s confidence, excitement for school projects, love of music, and desire to help others to the guidance and efforts of his teachers and supporting staff at MSS. The mission of MSS has laid the foundation for Michael, as he was accepted into every high school he applied to, loves to sing, and volunteers at an assisted living facility in Jersey City. We are so happy that not only does he want to achieve but he is conscious of the needs of others and has a desire to help.

— Middle School parent

We have been fortunate to be involved with Mustard Seed School for 13 years now. My children leave for school each day with smiles on their faces and they come home happy, too. In between they’ve learned about academics and arts, faith and friendship, and individuality and teamwork. I can’t imagine a better place for my children to spend their days. My oldest is in high school now and his experience at Mustard Seed is paying dividends. Not only is he excelling academically at a nationally-ranked high school, we consistently receive positive feedback about his work ethic, his willingness to help others, and his ability to articulate ideas to peers and teachers. Mustard Seed has set him on a path to be a successful and giving as an adult. We are grateful.

— Middle School and Alumni parent

I’m a public school teacher with a Master’s degree and nine years of experience in grades K-5. We moved to NJ just to be a part of this special community. I love how MSS nurtures the whole child through academics, the arts, worship, and service projects. It is indeed a very unique place!

— Lower School parent

1:9 teacher-student ratio (K-8)

1:6 teacher-student ratio (PK)

17 average class size

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